Organize, protect, and transport – anything, anywhere.

Ziploc Big Bags are the biggest, strongest, most versatile Ziploc Bags ever created. Store anything from clothing, to bedding, to holiday decorations, sports equipment, and more. No more clutter in the garage, the basement, or your car. Plus, Ziploc Big Bags have the natural, flexible shape of a bag so they can fit into places where storage boxes can’t.

Ziploc Big Bags come in 2 sizes; Xtra Large 2 ft. x 1.7 ft., and XXtra Large 2 ft. x 2.7 ft. This makes them great for storing fishing and camping equipment. If you are going out in a boat then pack them with everything you want to keep dry. They can even be used to carry fish, whether weighing them in at a tournament or packing them in ice in your cooler.