Rip and sit for lakers

We are in the dead of winter but, looking out your window right now, you probably already knew that!  While many anglers have the their fly rods, flipping sticks and giant musky baits packed up for another few months, ice fishermen are out in full force and catching giant lakers!

John WhyteRecently I had the opportunity to get out on the hard water with experienced ice fisherman, John Whyte. John knows Lake Simcoe in and out and on this outing we were ripping the Sebile Vibrato for big lakers.

If you have never used or seen the Vibrato, it’s a blade bait that is available in weights from 1/2 to 3-ounces and it comes in 3 finishes; Holo Greenie, Orange Gold Black and Natural Shiner.  Rigged up on light, 4 to 6-pound test Berkley Nanofil, our technique was a consistent “rip and sit” action.  We were targeting aggressive lakers in 30-feet of water and the action was on fire!

If you have the opportunity to fish for lakers with the Vibrato you may have to vary your presentation, depending on the mood of the fish.  Try the “Rip and Sit” technique and, if that doesn’t work, vary the speed in which you rip the Vibrato.  If you are on the fish, it will only be a matter of time before you land a fish of a lifetime!