As anyone who’s ever picked up a fishing rod knows, fishing is a wonderful sport and we’re fortunate to have so many opportunities to enjoy it here in Canada. But anglers do a lot more than just catch fish. For decades, fishermen and women have been some of the best stewards of the sport, working tirelessly on lake and river rehabilitation, fish stocking programs and lobbying governments to ensure that fishing remains acceptable and accessible for future generations.

In recent years angler groups have also become involved in a number of charitable causes, raising funds that benefit people from all walks of life – whether they fish or not. For example, this year the Canadian Sportfishing Industry Association’s annual golf tournament raised $8,000 to promote National Fishing Week; Fishing Forever raised over $25,000 at their golf tournament in support of the Kids, Cops and Canadian Tire fishing program that introduces youngsters to fishing; the Perchin’ for MS ice fishing tournament raised over $20,000 towards helping people afflicted with multiple sclerosis and the Fish 4 Charity bass tournament raised almost $20,000 that will go towards supporting the R.S. McLaughlin Durham Regional Cancer Centre. That’s over $72,000 raised by just four events in southern Ontario and there are a host of similar fundraising events held by angler groups across the country every year.

We’d like to tip our fishing caps to all of the organizers and anglers who support various charities across Canada and we’d like to encourage anyone who fishes to consider getting involved in an event that benefits a worthy cause in their area. It’s just another way to show that fishermen and women do a lot more than catch fish.