Bob Izumi fuel savings tipsFew things in life are certain but, one thing we know for sure is that we’ll stop putting gas in our cars, long before our boats.  However let’s face facts; you almost have to mortgage your house these days, to raise the money to operate a boat and motor.

With that in mind, let’s share some timely fuel saving tips passed on to us from our friends at Mercury Marine.  Unless you own an oil well, and few of us do, the best way to reduce fuel consumption is to slow do a little bit.  Not too many fishermen realize it, but by simply reducing the speed of your boat from full to two-thirds throttle, you can save up to 50 percent in gas costs.

Balancing the weight inside your boat is another important consideration.  Always try to distribute passengers and fishing gear weight evenly, so that your boat can easily get up on plain and doesn’t plow in the water.  Once up and running, trim your motor so as little as possible of the boat is actually in contact with the water.

Keeping your motor properly tuned is another good fuel and money saving idea.  You know, not changing your spark plugs each year may save you a couple of bucks in the short term, but in the long run, it’ll cost you plenty more in poor fuel economy.

Even the simple act of keeping the bottom of your boat free from algae will pay big dividends.  If you trailer your boat, dry it with chamois each time you take it out of the water.  If you keep it permanently moored at a marina or at the cottage, spend a few minutes on warm sunny days and scrub the hull with a soft bristle brush.

Hey folks, if you do any amount of boating, adopt these habits and chances are you’ll save enough money each year for a bonus fishing trip, or at least a brand new fishing rod.