fold-n-goPicture a clamshell. Picture it really large, bright red with a black handle. Now, picture it opening up into a cool-looking two-burner stove.

That visualization gives insight into the new Coleman InstaStart Fold ‘N Go Two-Burner Stove.

It is approximately 25 percent more compact than traditional two burners, designed to be easier to carry and stow yet deliver the uncompromising power and performance associated with Coleman cook stoves.

Full-size cooking power is delivered via burners rated at 10,000 Btu on each side, the same power rating as many Coleman propane stoves. Each burner is fully adjustable from a fine simmer to full-throttle boiling and frying speed. The burners are spaced 13 inches apart to allow the use of large skillets and pots, offering versatile cooking options in camp, at tailgate parties, on picnics or the patio.

The regulator and fuel cylinder attachment component stores neatly inside the stove when closed and attaches to the back of the stove when in use. A standard 16.4-ounce fuel cylinder powers the stove, which features Coleman’s Perfectflow pressure regulator for consistent performance throughout the life of each fuel cylinder.

No matches are needed to light the new stove, thanks to Coleman’s InstaStart Electronic Ignition system, which features push-button igniters on each handle for convenient access. Dual control knobs are located on the front of the platform in the center position.

Easy-clean, smooth, aluminized steel cooking surfaces are featured on the stovetop and around burners. Chrome-plated heavy-gauge wire grates provide stable supports for a variety of pot sizes.

Suggested retail price is $109.99.