In an incredibly tight race, Team Canada pulled out a first place finish, besting Team USA by a mere one hundredth of an ounce at the 2019 Cornwall and SDG Counties Pan American Bass Championship, held on Lake St. Francis.

High winds and heavy rains resulted in the cancellation of day-one, making the event a one day shootout. The day was split into two fishing sessions with each team weighing their best five bass in each session. The final standings were then determined by averaging the weights between the number of boats representing each country and each country’s total weight. Team Canada’s average was 38.98 pounds while Team USA came in with an average of 38.97 pounds. Team Mexico took home third place with 28.62 pounds and Team Akwesasne FN placed fourth with 23.79 pounds.

The event marked the beginning of the Canadian International Sportfishing Association, which is working with similar organizations in other countries to support future Pan American Bass Championships. The ultimate goal is to re-instate fishing at the Olympic Games, where it was last included in 1900. The next Pan American Bass Championship will be held next year in Mexico.