power-baitSuccessful anglers around the world are no stranger to the fish-catching power of PowerBait. With the new Berkley PowerBait Manic Shad, anglers have a soft plastic bait paired with the power of PowerBait and the action of a hard bait. Available in four sizes and 14 colors to give anglers the best options for any situation, the Manic Shad consists of a pre-rigged PowerBait, complete with weight and hook. The secret to the Manic Shad’s lifelike motion is the collar that goes around the neck and sticks above the head, allowing anglers to fish the bait like a crankbait while still getting the wiggle of a swim bait. Designed with both freshwater and saltwater anglers in mind, fish hang on to this bait longer because it’s made of PowerBait, leading to more positive hook sets.